What types of book do you publish?
Andersson Publishing works with authors on both fiction and non-fiction books, from short how-to guides to autobiographical works of 300+ pages. We'll work with authors on novels, short fiction, poetry, non-fiction, essays, reports, and personal memoirs. We don't do explicit sex or porn, right-wing hardcore politics, or anything resembling racism or hate attitudes. We're also not interested in "private label rights" or "internet marketing" manuscripts.

Do you work with ebooks?
We do. Digital books are read on screens, ranging from a simple PDF file you download from a website to online readers or devices such as Amazon's Kindle, the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, Sony Reader, or Barnes & Noble Nook.

Do I need an agent?
If you plan to pursue traditional publishing with a traditional publisher, you will need an agent. We are not agents. Andersson Publishing will work with you to edit and format your manuscript so it's properly presented to an agent or publisher, but we do not provide agenting services.

What will it cost?
The charges for editing or formatting or designing your book will depend on the level of editing your manuscript needs, the length of the manuscript, and the number of rounds of revisions your project requires. We'll be happy to look over your manuscript or a sample of it and give you a quote. Just contact us and let us know what you've got.

What kind of editing do you do?
Editing services range from a quick-and-light proofread of a brochure or website to intensive developmental editing of a full-length novel or non-fiction work. Between the two is thorough copyediting, during which we'll edit for grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, and style. The level of editing your manuscript needs determines the cost - and the timeframe.

Can I see samples of your editing work?
No. If you were a published author, you wouldn't want us sending out samples of your work, would you? Showing someone else the errors we fixed and the improvements we made to your writing? We respect the work of our writers and won't share editing samples. We will, however, provide references - and samples of finished work - and you can check out our feedback from editing clients. If you'd like a quick sample of editing on your work, send us a chapter and we'll edit it for a pre-arranged fee.

How long does it take?
Depends on your manuscript, and it depends on whether you're willing to take advice or you prefer to endlessly re-write your work. Books of 200+ pages can be edited and formatted in a week or two - or they might take a year if you just can't stop trying to re-write it to perfection. Once it's finalized with editing, though, formatting typically takes less than a week, and your book can be for sale on amazon within another week or maybe two. If your manuscript is in really good shape, we can format it for kindle and upload it to amazon inside of a week. Formatting and upload at smashwords usually can be done in less than a week. Some authors go from rough manuscript to selling books on amazon in under two weeks, and other books can take up to a year.

Do you work with CreateSpace?
We do. And we've navigated their system and process enough times to save you the pitfalls and avoid the headaches - well, most of the headaches. Many new authors find themselves bogged down in the CreateSpace process, and they don't know the important points about retaining rights to their books or successfully formatting interior and cover files for CreateSpace requirements. We do.

How much does a website cost?
That's like asking how much a car costs. You can buy a car for $100 that will go down the road, but it's probably not what you want. You can also pay thousands of dollars for a website that might be more than you need. Here's a fuzzy ballpark: a typical website with about five pages of content, a contact page, and some images, including the design and development, will likely cost you between $1500 and $2500. An "online store" with PayPal and other payment options will at least double the price. If you need excessive revisions, we'll need excessive fees. We do offer discounts to some organizations or individuals, and we've been known to barter for some or all of the cost.

Do you outsource your services to offshore subcontractors?
No, we do not. You will work with an editor or designer or ghost writer through Andersson Publishing, and your work will be handled by professionals and not subcontracted to inexpensive providers.

Will I sell a lot of my books?
You never know. Some authors never sell a single book. Others sell thousands in a year. It's impossible to say how many books you will sell, but you will certainly increase your odds if you have your manuscript professionally edited and your book professionally designed.